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It’s Crossfit Time!

Maybe you’ve seen the Crossfit Games on ESPN or possibly have a friend that has received positive results from joining Crossfit. You’re not alone as a lot of people around the world have been joining the Crossfit craze within the past few years. Maybe you’re even thinking about joining a Crossfit gym near your home […]


What is Kinesio Tape?

Kerri Walsh at 2008 Beijing Olympics If you have watched any sporting events, you may have seen some athletes wearing that crazy sports tape on their shoulders, knees, ankles, or any other part of their body. You may have wondered what is that stuff and what does it do? Well wonder no more, the tape […]


Headache? Could it be my neck?

It has been a long day at work at your computer, you have been sitting for hours and your head is “pounding” again, but why? Tension and migraines can typically be the culprit, but this time it could be coming from your neck. Cervicogenic Headache, or neck related headache, according to Zito in 2006 makes […]