Kailey Canaday, Summer Intern

: Summer Intern

My name is Kailey Canaday and I am from the Urbana area. I graduated from Urbana High School in 2016, and currently attend the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. My passion for Physical Therapy began when I was in fifth through seventh grade; I spent a lot of time in physical therapy because of Achilles tendonitis issues. The physical therapist I saw in seventh grade was warm and caring and while I was being treated, I was able to watch her treat other patients. She was also willing to answer any questions I had about the profession and I knew after I finished my treatment, that I wanted to be like her. I experienced firsthand how it feels to be a patient and how I would like to treat my patients in the future. My goal in life is to become a Physical Therapist. I feel that people have done so much in their lives to assist younger generations like myself, and through Physical Therapy, I can give back to them. I chose to intern here at Superior Physical Therapy because they are well known in the area for not only being the experience in Physical Therapy but because they are more involved in the community with Reach Out Programs and educating everyone how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Outside of Physical Therapy I love to play volleyball, go shopping, and travel.

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