Adrian Mihalache, Tech

Adrian Mihalache, Tech

Earl Cox

Adrian is a geoscientist who has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. After over 15 years in the energy field he decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Currently, he is enrolled in a Physical Therapy Assistant program and one of his goals is to become a PTA with Superior Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.

Adrian has an innate desire to help people achieve their maximum physical potential, assisting and treating them in a warming and professional manner under the direct supervision of dedicated PT’s and PTA’s.

Outside of being a PT Tech, in his spare time he enjoys spending time with family and friends. Adrian likes working out, playing tennis, bike riding and any outdoor activities… and of course he will never say no to a fishing trip!

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice”!

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