Karen B. Andrews, PT, MTC

Karen B. Andrews, PT, MTC

Karen B. Andrews

Karen B. Andrews, PT, MTC is a Physical Therapist who has been practicing for twenty years. She graduated from University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in 1992. Karen spent 12 years of her career at Kernan Physical Therapy in Baltimore treating a wide range of patients with orthopedic and sports related injuries, from young adolescents to geriatric patients. She has treated many people recovering from ACL surgeries, ankle sprains, rotator cuff repairs, joint replacement surgeries as well as acute and chronic neck and back pain. Karen worked for Physiotherapy Associates in Baltimore for 4 years and then transferred to Physio’s Frederick office for one year. Karen has been with Superior Physical Therapy now for over three years, and two years ago was proud to have earned her Manual Therapy Certification through The Institute of Saint Augustine. She continues to enjoy working with sports injuries in adolescents and adults, and enjoys utilizing her manual therapy skills to treat a variety of musculoskeletal problems, from tendonitis, to soft tissue injuries of the neck and back.

Recently, Karen has had over three years of experience with treatment approaches in Integrative Manual Therapy. This treatment has given Karen many more assessment and treatment techniques dealing with gentle methods for reducing inflammation of bone, joint and soft tissues, reducing nerve irritation, and reducing the nervous systems innate response to "lock down" in response to injury and pain.

Karen's extensive manual therapy skills along with her past experience of sports rehab are comprehensive combinations which have yielded her successful results with her patients.

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