“OUCH My @#$% Back!!!”

We have either said this or heard this said. In fact, there is a 22 – 65% prevalence that individuals will experience low back pain this year. Wow! That is a significant population. So how do I avoid straining/spraining my back? Here are a few tips!

  • First, never jump right out of bed! Actively pump you ankles, slowly move your knees and hips. Then when you are ready to get up, log roll onto your side (if not already there), bring your legs off of the bed as you push off your same side elbow and the opposite hand. When you go to stand make sure you are focus on something straight in front of you. This will keep you from bending your back.
  • Second, a strong core and quadriceps muscles will help reduce your risk of back pain. Pilates and general exercise are good places to start.
  • Next, one of your hamstring muscles tenses a ligament in the Sacroiliac region. So having strong flexible hamstrings may reduce your risk.
  • Finally, know what your body mass index is (BMI). Every 5 extra pounds of additional mass increases the strain on your back by 100%.
  • Again, these are just a few tips. As always eat right, exercise, stay hydrated and get enough sleep. Avoid heavy, repetitive lifting.
  • If you do experience back (and/or leg) pain that does not subside in a week, consult your friendly neighborhood physical therapist.
  • Good luck and stay tune for our weekly “health and fitness” blogs!