Chia Seeds – What’s the Big Deal?

Chia seeds are being called a super food. They contain a variety of valuable nutrients including protein, calcium and omega fatty acids. They also have essential magnesium and phosphorus.

Humans need anywhere from 25-100 gr of protein per day depending on their size and activity level. They contain amino acids which help break down protein into energy for the body instead of being stored. Chia seeds are the choice of many pro athletes because of the excellent protein content.

Chia seeds have more calcium than dairy products and without the fat of dairy. Calcium is important for strengthening bones. Bone health is essential for healthy aging and injury prevention.

Chia seeds also contain omega fatty acids which are important for brain health. Omega-3 acids help the body use proteins and minerals in the seeds as well as give the brain healthy fat for energy. OFA have also been shown to decrease ADD and ADHD.

Vegetarians and Vegans looking for an alternative to fish oil can obtain similar benefits with chia seeds. Non-meat eaters incorporate chia seeds into smoothies, sprinkle them on salads and chopped up fruit and make into cereals with granola and yogurt.

Meals and snacks with chia seeds are easy to prepare. They become gelatinous like tapioca pudding after adding any liquid and stirring.

Chia seeds are very energizing. Poor food choices such as complex carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils, Trans fats and refined sugar lead to a crash in energy level and increased weight. Chia seeds boost energy levels without any harmful effects on the body. They leave you feeling great and help to enable weight loss.

Chia seeds are completely raw and unprocessed without the toxic chemicals and preservatives that are found in most snacks today. If you would like to learn more about chia seeds please feel free to check out this wonderful site: 11 Proven Health Benefits of Chia Seeds